Bedroom & Living Room Mirror TV

samsung led mirror tv

Enhance your décor with a magnificent masterpiece.

Add instant elegance to your décor with our Samsung Mirror TV. All of our Mirror TVs contain cutting edge technology while meeting the expectations of the most discerning decorators. Now you can entertain with spectacular 1080p HD quality and outstanding LED brilliance while decorating with versatility. When you install one of our Mirror TVs you can choose to mount it on the wall with an upscale frame or recess it into the wall for an elegant and flawless look.

All of our frames can be custom made so it looks like it was meant for your impeccable taste in décor. Mirror TV installation is a breeze and does not take any longer than standard television installation. It is also possible to get a great price on our Mirror TV since we manufacture our product completely onsite with no middleman and there is no hassle with waiting for it to be shipped from another location. We have all sizes and colors of frame kits available right in our stock room for immediate shipment and you can choose from a plethora of brands such as Philips, Sony, Hitachi, Sharp Mirror TV, and Mini Viewsonic TV.

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You Can Buy The Mirror Separately

custom size mirror tv

Customize the mirror to fit your project.

If you already have a state-of-the-art television integrated into your fine décor there is no need to purchase one of our Mirror TVs. Tell us what you want and we can customize a mirror to suit the design of your current television. Regardless if you have already completed your décor or you are working with a remodeling company, we can design a mirror to seamlessly blend with your current décor or to perfectly enhance your remodeling project. Our upscale TV mirrors are unlike any other type of mirror on the market and allow you to enjoy cutting edge HD quality that clearly reflects directly through the mirror. If you desire a different style mirror we can design a mirror which resembles a standard mirror color and reflective quality.


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Bathroom Mirror TV

vanity mirror tv

Enhance your bathroom décor with an elegant Mirror TV.

Instead of placing a standard mirror over your bathroom vanity, now you can enjoy a cutting edge Mirror TV which is integrated inside a sophisticated vanity mirror. Installation could not be easier and you will never know that a TV is concealed in the mirror until you activate it. For the discriminating decorator, our Vanity Mirror TV provides you with the perfect solution. All of our TV mirrors are crafted with a custom frame made to your specifications and they are made with an elegant polished finish should you choose to leave out the frame. Choose to mount the Mirror TV right on the wall or recess it back in the wall for a seamless look that blends impeccably with your décor.

Regardless of the décor we will manufacture any size mirror TV to fit over your vanity or create a spectacular look by covering an entire wall. We also have a variety of different sizes of Mirror TVs in stock and ready for immediate shipment. All of our Mirror TVs have built-in audio so you do not have to worry about unsightly wires being a distraction from your impeccable décor. Alleviate any concerns about bathroom water and moisture by using our included waterproof remote control that you can use right from the tub or shower.

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